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Sun, Jan. 20th, 2008, 10:34 pm
outlaw_joanne: Too Good To Be True

This is a story that I have been writing over at fanfiction.net called Too Good To Be True. I will be still updating this story over there but this Is what I have got so far.Sos for the spelling if a few are wrong.

Too Good To Be True
Part 1

Paring:Will/Djaq....Implied Robin/Marian
Notes:This story is about how Will and Djaq discover each others secerets and how they feel about each other.This chapter contain spoilers for 1x01-2x05,just set after Allans departure.

The outlaws retreated to there bunks one by one until only Will was left starring at the fire.He was lost in his thoughts.Unaware of anything going on around him.Unaware of the crying Saracen woman in her bunk glancing at him through tear filled eyes.Why did he do it?Was the main questian running through his mind.Why did he betray us exspeacialy Me and Djaq,his closes friends?

Will finally,after what seemed like hours,snapped out of his thoughts remembering that it was well passed dusk.He stood up and turned towards his bunk and slowly crept across the camp.Will,unexpectedly,stopped dead in his tracks a few feet away from his bunk and glanced at Djaqs bunk at the other side of the camp.Djaq now had her back to the camp and was starring at the wall of the camp on the other side of he bed,still crying.What was he thinking?Why did he have to change sides?She was the one to be lost in thoughts now.

Her sadness was suddenly replaced with fear as some one sat down on the end of her bed.She reached out for her weapon as the figure laid down next to her and pulled the covers over itself.She remembered she had left her weapon near the fire.All her worries were gone when this mysterious figure put it arm around her and whispered soothing words in to her hair.She looked down at the arm.She already knew who it was but she needed to double check.
Djaq was right.Trying to keep in the tears she moved her head back so it rested on his chest.

Djaq turned around to face him.She took in all his features before burring her head in his shirt,wetting it through.She listened to his soothing words yet again.Djaq was glad he was here with her.Will Scarlett was a man who was unlike other men,he was unpredictable.

Part 2

After what seemed hours Djaq drew back her head and smiled.Will still had his arm around her and was now stroking her back.

"Good morning,"Will said,his eyes fixed on Djaq.

"It's morning?"Djaq looked around the camp no-one was up.

"Yeah,it's only a couple of hours till dawn.You fell asleep.Are you alright now?"Will had that same caring look in his eyes that Djaq loved.

"Yeah I am fine thanks.Thank you for keeping me company,"Djaq stared into Wills eyes."Was you up all night?"

"I was actually and I am really tried."

"You should go to sleep."

Will turned so he was on his back and Djaq noticed how tried he was.He had black bags under his eyes and he moved slowly when turning.


Will looked up and before he could move,Djaq had slipped a hand behind the back of his neck and was kissing his lips.Will returned the kiss.

"Nothing,"Djaq finished her sentence with a smile.She rested her head against his chest and placed a arm across his belly.He slipped his arm around her pulling her closer.Djaq,now lying on Will's arm took his hand on his other side and gently linked her fingers with his on the arm that she was lying on.

In a few hours time the gang will wake up to find Will not in his bunk.

Part 3

This part is going to be longer because It's what Will and Djaq do before eppy 6,I won't include what happens in the episode, at the end I will say something like Blah blah blah ,that means you know what happens in the eppy.In this part its John's

Will P.O.V

Will awoke that morning,tired. He was in Djaqs bunk. What,I don't remember this? It suddenly occurred to Will what had happened last night. I was up all night,keeping her company and I...I kissed her. This thought made Will remember that he had been starring at a wall for god knows how long and it must be nearly lunch because he could smell something...Good! Has Much finally learn how to cook? At this thought Will looked around the camp. The fire was burning and there was something good roasting on a spit but there was nobody about.

Will put on his boots and jumper and checked around the camp. If someone isn't here they must be near. He set out into the forest only to find Djaq picking herbs and berries only a few meters from the camp.

"I thought I heard you get up." Djaq stood up to face him with a calm smile on her face. Will on the other hand looked confused. How did she hear me get up,I tried to be as quiet as I could?

"Is your bruise getting better? You know,on your face." Djaq said before Will had the chance to say anything. Will knew that Djaq was the type of person who,although he speaks hardly alot,expects truthful words and can tell when someone(especially Will) was lying. So he couldn't lie.

"No,It hurts more than yesterday,"He couldn't belive the words coming out of his mouth. The thing you have to know about Will Scarlett is he doesn't like to have anyone fusing over him.

"Let me have a look at it." Will was dreading theses words. He was just about to protest when Djaq took his hand and led him back into the camp.

As Djaq went to get her medical supplies she told Will to sit down by the fire. He did as he was told. She came back mixing some sort of paste. A wet cloth was hung over her arm. She tended to him. They talked,enjoying what time they had together. He found out that it was well passed dinner and because it was John's birthday they was cooking a feast. They was planning on going to Nottingham for John's birthday present,he was going to punch Allan.

The moment was spoiled when they heard Robin calling them to come because he had some good news. Deciding that they shouldn't keep him waiting,Djaq quickly finished rubbing the paste onto Will's cheak and she pulled him by the hand out of the camp and into the forest.

Part 4

Just to make this clear there is like one month between eppy 6 and 7. This info has nothing to do with this chapter but for one of the next.
This chapter is set just after eppy 6. In this chapter,Will and Djaq are out on drop offs.


Djaq watched as Will Scarlett,her love,handed out food to the villagers of Clun. His eyes,a perching green, that she had fallen in love with during the past year,kept on glancing at her every few minuets,there eyes meeting for about minuets at end. She, on the other hand,couldn't take her eyes of of him. Caring and Hamsome Will Scarlett.

Djaq was broke out of her trance when she saw guards running in to the village and guarding every exit out of Clun. She quickly got up and drew her weapon and looked at Will,he hadn't noticed the guards yet for he was now handing a loaf of bread to a small child. No one was running apart from a guard who was running up behind Will. Before he could knock Will out he got knocked out himself by Djaq. Will spun around to see Djaq fighting two guards at a time. He reached to get his weapon but he received a knock to the head and collapsed on the floor with a thud.

5 hours later...

Will awoke with Djaq curled into his side. He smiled to himself before opening his eyes.He could hear screens in the distance and all he could see was black. Will,finally,remembered what had happened but why was Djaq here. He felt movement at his side and Djaq woke up.

"Why did you do it,Djaq?"

"Do what?"

"Attack those guards, I could of handled it"

"Will,I don't want to be treat like a woman and you know that!"

"I was just worried about you"

"Don't even say it Will, If you really cared about me you should have fought back and protected me!"

"I got knocked about before I could do anything!"

The argument went on for hours about how Will and Djaq should have done things because one thing you have to know about Will and Djaq is they don't like anything to be there fault.

The argument finally finish when Allan turned up and was opening the door to the cell.Will and Djaq was now standing across from each other,fury in their faces.

"Djaq,me and The Sheriff want a word with you so you come with me. Will I will be back for you soon," As Allan said this two guards came and lead Djaq out of the prison.

Mon, Jan. 21st, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)

ohhhh! i'm really enjoying this! can't wait for the update!